Volunteer Registration

What you need to know about Volunteer Registration and Screening

It is the policy of the Oak Ridges Soccer Club that every reasonable effort will be taken under the Ontario Soccer (OS) Volunteer Screening Policy to exclude from program responsibilities, (not to be confused with parental responsibilities affecting their own children), any individual with a documented history of child molestation or other criminal record, that would bring unnecessary risk to the health and safety of Ontario Soccer Association program participants. It is the intent of the Oak Ridges Soccer club to exclude from participation, at a minimum, all persons who have been convicted of crimes against persons.

Oak Ridges Soccer Club will comply with all Ontario Soccer Association guidelines and procedures, and therefore has placed as a condition of participation, the requirement of all Volunteers to complete a Police Check Form as well as the Club Volunteer Application form every three years. Only persons who comply with these conditions shall be allowed to participate in club-related events.

In this regard, a volunteer is defined as any person who at anytime could be expected, in the performance of their duties, to be alone with any registered player for any length of time. This includes coaches, assistant coaches, and trainers who are appointed or selected in any manner or hired to coach at any level within the Oak Ridges Soccer Club.

Why is it Necessary and Important to Register?

  • For your protection – once you have registered, you are insured. You also become a recognized volunteer.
  • For the safety and protection of the players – the club cannot properly carry out its part of this responsibility if it doesn’t know who is working with the players.
  • For the club and its governing organizations. The club is required to register all volunteers as part of its soccer management responsibility. Some classes of volunteers (e.g. those working with competitive teams) must go through a screening process.

Why Must We Screen Team Officials?

Screening is an Ontario Soccer (OS) requirement based on the expectations of society, the insurance companies and the legal system that we will take appropriate measures to ensure the safety of the players in the club. The program has been defined for all soccer clubs in Ontario by the OS.

Who Has to be Screened?

Active screening is done for those positions that have the most contact with players, particularly those who may be with players when parents are not there (e.g. at tournaments).

What are the Screening Requirements?

The screening requirements are as follows:

  • Competitive League Officials
    This includes coaches. assistant coaches, managers and anyone else working directly with the players. For all of these people, the requirement is:
    • Fill out an ORSC Volunteer application form. This is available from our soccer office.
    • Obtain a Police Check (Vulnerable Sector Screening).
    • You must personally take the completed form and cheque to York Regional Police Volunteer Screening station in Richmond Hill (YRP Community Resource Centre, Hillcrest Mall, 9350 Yonge St., at 16th Ave.) or Newmarket (17250 Yonge St. in the Regional Government building). You will be asked to show two pieces of identification, one being photo ID. Hours of operation of both locations are indicated on the form and at www.police.york.on.ca under the “Records Checkâ€Â link. The report will be mailed directly back to you by the York Region Police.
    • It will take the screening station approximately 15-30 minutes to complete a background check, after which they will give you a sealed letter.
    • Present the sealed letter to the ORSC office and addressed to the Director of Discipline.
    • Your application will be reviewed, and returned along with a reimbursement of your initial application fee for the screening.
    • The screening process must be completed by June 10th (two weeks into the season).

**A copy of the York Region Police Screening request form is available here (DOC)

House League Team Officials

This includes coaches, assistants and managers (anyone providing direction to players at practices or games). The only standard requirement is to fill out and submit the registration form following the same instructions as above under Competitive Officials.

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