Soccer4Life (U13+)

What is the “Soccer4Life” Program?

The Oak Ridges Soccer Club Competitive Soccer4Life Program was created as the next stage of development for players ages 13-18. This program will be made up of players that have ‘graduated’ from our Train to Play Development Program. The focus now shifts to a more competitive environment. Players are introduced to the 11v11 game with more emphasis on team play than in the development stream. Individual technical skill development will continue. However, tactical and a more functional approach to playing the game will be implemented.

Although there will not be a ‘win at all costs’ attitude, there will be a mindset to ‘try to win’ each game. More ‘preparation’ for games will take place in training sessions. Players will also be challenged more in training to learn how to compete for and keep possession of the ball. This will in turn help them understand how to defend as well as attack. Similar to Train to Play, this program will also be under the guidance of the ORSC Technical Staff. Each team will be assigned a primary Coach. If there are more than one team in the age group, Coaches will work together on assessing players on a regular basis and sometimes train together.

The ratio of Training to Games will be a minimum of 2:1, ideally 3:1. Train to Compete will operate year round, INDOOR and OUTDOOR with Teams participating at the District level (YRSL) and Regional level (IMODEL). Similar to Train to Play, continuing the development and enjoyment of players while fostering the love for the game is the goal. However, in addition, we strive to nurture the growth of good people and good citizens through a team environment.

Players for this program are selected through try outs. If you are interested, please e-mail:

Current Competitive Team

U13 Boys (2011)

U15 Girls (2009/2010)


Program Goals

The goals of the ORSC Soccer4Life program include:

Developing the technical and tactical ability and competitive spirit of players while working together for a common goal

• Providing a fun, supportive environment where participants learn to welcome challenge rather than fear failure

• Facilitate the social, psychological and physical growth of the participants while making them good people and players

    What do we look for in prospective players?

    There is no magic formula to what makes a successful soccer player.  As coaches we teach the players how to play the game.  There are a few key things we look for in players:

    General athletic ability and coordination

    • Focus & effort during training and games

    • An interest and desire to learn new skills and a respect for the Game and for others (Coaches, Teammates, Opponents, Officials)

    • Ability to function in a team environment and work well with others


    Training & Participation

    The program requires the following from parents and participants:

    • Good behaviour – teamwork, hard work, discipline & respect
    • Regular and punctual attendance
    • Positive attitude

    2024 Outdoor Soccer4Life Program – Begins in May

    • Training: IMODEL Teams- minimum two sessions weekly from May to October; sessions 90 mins

     Weekly Games:

    *YRSL or IMODEL U13-U18 

    *OSL U21 – May to August

    • Coaching: Minimum 1 Certified ORSC Technical Staff Coach for all games and training

    • Fees: U13-U21 (born 2009-2005)-IMODEL-$1650 REGISTER online at by March 25/22

    • Uniforms: 2 Game jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks, 2 Training jerseys, Backpack, Training Ball, Training Outerwear Top


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