Grassroots (U7-U12)


What is the “Grassroots” Program?


Following the lead of the Ontario Soccer Association and their LTPD (Long Term Player Development) initiative the Oak Ridges Soccer Club has created the Competitive Grassroots Program for players ages 7-12. It is primarily designed to develop the skills and knowledge needed to play the game of soccer. The program is under the guidance of the ORSC Technical Staff made up of qualified and certified Coaches with experience both as Players and Coaches. Each age and gender will be assigned a primary Coach who will be with the group/team regularly and responsible for the overall delivery of the content. From time to time other technical staff members will be assigned to work with a different group/team. This will allow all staff and players from all age groups to become familiar with one another. Within each age group teams will be formed to participate in the York Region Soccer League representing the Oak Ridges Soccer Club. The ratio of Training to Games will be a minimum of 2:1. Train to Play operates year round, INDOOR and OUTDOOR, ultimately trying to balance individual technical skill development and enjoyment while fostering a love for the game.


For more information, please contact Technical Manager Sam Foti at:


Current Competitive Teams 

U8 Boys (2016/17)

U9 Boys (2015)       U9 Girls (2015/16)

U10 Boys (2014)    U10 Girls (2014)

U11 Boys (2013)

U12 Boys (2012)    U12 Girls (2012/13)


Program Goals

The goals of the ORSC Competitive Grassroots program include:

• Developing the technical and tactical ability and competitive spirit of players

• Providing a fun, supportive environment where participants learn to welcome challenge rather than fear failure

• Facilitate the social, psychological and physical growth of the participants while making them good people and players


What do we look for in prospective players?

There is no magic formula to what makes a successful soccer player. As coaches we teach the players how to play the game.
There are a few key attributes we look for in players:

• General athletic ability and coordination

• Focus & effort during training and games

• Ability and interest to learn new skills


Training & Participation

The program requires the following from parents and participants:


• Good behaviour – teamwork, hard work, discipline & respect
• Regular attendance and promptness*
• Positive attitude
*Participation in other sports or activities is greatly encouraged. However for the outdoor season we ask that soccer be the priority. In accordance with LTPD the focus for these age groups is on individual player development not necessarily on collective or team development. Although at U12 players will be exposed to more tactical and team play. In this program we will accommodate any player that shows an aptitude and ability to train at a higher level. The technical staff will contact the parents to discuss other alternatives should they feel the training program is not a fit for their child. Where there are two teams in one age group Coaches will assess players and place them accordingly. However, with open rosters players can be moved from team to team based on the progress of their development.

2024 Outdoor Train to Play Program

Player Registration Fees will include the following:

• Training: U7/U8 twice a week for 20 Weeks from May to September ; sessions 60 minutes
U9/U10 twice a week for 20 Weeks from May to September; sessions 75 minutes
U11/U12 twice a week for 22 Weeks from May to September; sessions 90 minutes

• Games: YRSL (York Region Soccer League) U8 Weekend Festivals (8×2 games) U9-U12 weekly games
• Coaching: Minimum 1 Certified ORSC Technical Staff Coach for all games and training

• Fees:

U7/U8 (born 2016/2017)-$1350 REGISTER online at 

U9/U10 (born 2014/2015)-$1650 REGISTER online at 

U11/U12 (born 2012/2013)-$1650 REGISTER online at 

• Uniforms: 2 Game jerseys, 2 shorts, 2 socks, 2 Training jerseys, Backpack, Training Ball

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